Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus IP - RESchool


"Small Scale Renewable Energy Sources & Energy Saving"


Technological Educational Institute of Crete



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Cource of Lectures

The analytical cource of lectures can be found in the following file:

1_1_Kaliakatsos Energy Policy and Sustainable Development

1_2_Taylor1 Integration of Small Scale RES

1_2_Taylor2 Integration of Small Scale RES

1_3_Vourdoubas Heating Systems of Buildings Using Biomass

2_1_Taylor Monitoring and Control of Small Scale RES

2_2_Kolokotsa Intelligent Buildings Technology

3_2_Kolokotroni Solar Ventilation in Buildings

4_1_Kolokotroni Post Occupancy Evaluation of Buildings

4_2_Petridis Prospects for LED Lighting

5_1_Pavlou Thermal Comfort in Buildings

5_2_Petridis Laser in Fusion

6_1_Boian Energy Savings in Buildings

7_1_Eftimie Radiative and Climatological Parameters

7_2_Kabele Energy Performance Modelling

8_1 Mavromatakis PV Technology and Applications

8_2_Boian Energy Savings Equipments and Installations

9_1_Kabele Energy Simulation and Building Certification

9_2_Eftimie Beam Horizontal Irradiance Simulation


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