Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus IP - RESchool


"Small Scale Renewable Energy Sources & Energy Saving"


Technological Educational Institute of Crete



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For the scientific part of the project (Lessons design, educational backbone of the course programme, lectures content, final schedule of the course, preparation of the notes and the educational material of each lesson e.t.c) the responsible contact person is Dr. Emmanuel Karapidakis, the Scientific in charge and Coordinator of RES IP and his assistant Dr. Ioannis Katsigiannis.

For any further questions or information, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Mrs Calliope Tsitou - Email: & tel: +30 2821023038

Dr. John Katsigiannis - Email: & tel: +30 2821023046

Dr. Emmanuel Karapidakis - Email: & tel: +302821023076


Chania, 2009-06-01
Best Regards

Mrs Calliope Tsitou
RES 2009 Administrator

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